Thursday, October 7, 2010

Number 4!!!

Let me just begin by saying that 17 months ago, Craig had "The ole snip-snip" to prevent this very thing from happening. However, here I sit in front of my computer 12 weeks pregnant, somewhat nauseated, and in need of a potty-break (which occurs every hour on the hour), writing a blog about "Numero Quatro". To say that I am shocked would be an understatement, and it has taken several weeks to come to grips with this reality. Many have asked how I found out that I was pregnant, so here is a quick play-by-play of what went down.

I was in the middle of one of my night-shift work days, talking with a co-worker about how "I would swear I was pregnant, had Craig not had a vasectomy". I was getting up several times a night to use the restroom, I was incredibly tired, and then of course, I was several weeks "late". I was in complete denial obviously, because how in the world does a vasectomy fail? (Well it fails when the Lord has other plans for your life.) So my friend said, and I quote, "just go take a test, because if this is going to happen to anyone, it would be you". Sure enough, I no more dipped the stick, and two lines appear. What does a normal, calm, totally sane person do when that happens? Well you sit in the bathroom floor and hyperventilate until your hands begin to feel numb, then you pull yourself together enough to get up, walk out the door, walk to that friend, and almost throw-up in the trash can beside you. No lie, it happened!!! Then you give another urine sample, and a blood sample only to get the same results. Then, the shock hits in full force and you have to drive home at 2 o'clock in the morning, wake your sleeping Husband, and punch him in the face. (OK, so that didn't happen) You immediately tell him the good news while holding back sobs, and He buries his head in his hands on the end of the bed and asks you when your going to tell him this is all a joke. That' s when I punched Him in the face :) (well I should have anyway) After a couple of hours of laying in bed beside each other in complete silence, you fall asleep. That is what happens if your sane. Who knows what would happen if your not.

The very next day I called my OB and was sent in for blood work, which showed that I was approximately 7-8 weeks pregnant. Of course I was. Why wouldn't I be? Craig did have a vasectomy after all!!! Then I had an ultrasound, and sure enough, there was that tiny little heartbeat that will melt a Mommas heart. I knew from day one that the Lord had ordained this child, and that He/She was planted by our Heavenly Father in my womb for a reason, but the day that I was able to see my baby's heartbeat was the day that I was able to rest in God's promise that He will never give me more than I can handle. Although I was shocked, (and to be honest, I still am) I am blessed to be found worthy of raising another child. He has given Craig and I a gift that I am so thankful for.

I will need a bigger home, and I would like a bigger car, and of course, there is that dang Trinity school tuition that will most definitely increase, but for now, I will trust in Christ. He holds the future. He holds my life in the very palm of His hand. And He holds this child.

Psalms 127:3-4
Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are son's born in one's youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.

Monday, July 12, 2010

What A Summer

It's been forever!!! We have been so busy this summer with trips, swimming, and of course sleeping in. I will post pictures soon, but for now, I will just tell you all about our adventures.

May 27th-29th
Dallas for 2 days for Craig's Grandmothers Birthday party

May 30th-June6th
Craig and I left for Playa Del Carmen Mexico. Amazing!!! We went with two of our very good friends Billy and Courtney Neufeld.

June 24th-27th
Lake Brownwood for a family camping trip

July 1st-5th
Abilene for the 4th of July with Craigs Family

It has been a blast, and there is still more to come.

July 14th-18th
Possum Kindgom Lake with friends

July 19th-23rd
Austin Tx for Kids swimming Lessons

July 28th- August 1st
Lake Whitney for annual family reunion

August 20th-22nd
Craig's Birthday getaway (who know's where we are going)

I love summer! It has been so much fun, yet I know it will eventually have to come to an end.
I look forward to Mason starting Kindergarten at Trinity this year. Reece starts Pre-school and Cole will go to PDO for the first time. I can't believe that My Babies are growing up so fast, but I am glad that we had and will still have so many great memories of this summer.

I promise that I will post pictures of all of our outings soon!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Well it's official. Cole is 1 month away from turning ONE! I can't believe that it has almost been a year since he was born. Oh how he has changed. From being so tiny and in the NICU, to a quite large 23 pounder. His huge blue eyes and great big smile gets this little man pretty much everything he wants. He loves his Mamma, but continually says Dadda. He has an incredible love for his Big Brother and Sister. He thinks his Brother is the funniest thing he has ever seen, and it takes nothing more than Mason walking into the room to get a laugh out of him. He's mastered the art of crawling, and if I'm not careful, He will find a way to get to the basement stairs. I try to keep the door shut, but there have been several times I have caught him right before heading head first down the stairs. He's pretty sneaky! He's very sweet, and loves to give hugs. Easy going should be his first name, and crying isn't something that he does much of. (unless of course He's hungry. The boy loves to eat) I could write a book about this sweet boy I think, but I will save that for his 1 year post.

This is him with food all over his face. Like I said, He loves to eat.

I didn't want to leave Mason and Reece out of the mix, so I posted a few pics of these crazy rascals as well. I love my kiddos so much, and wouldn't trade a minute of my time with them. The Lord has blessed me with three truly awesome kids.
Mason playing with the Light Brite.
Mason and Reece practicing their Kung Fu moves.
Check out Mason's shirt. It says "I tried to be good, but I got bored". If the shoe fits......

Reece looks so old in this picture.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

CHRISTmas! My very favorite Holiday. Spending time with family, eating loads of sweats, and of course The Gifts! All of these things, I look forward to each year. This year, my feelings are the same. I cannot wait to spend time with our families, gain five pounds, and open the amazing gifts. However, my heart boasts with excitement for different reasons as well this season.

For those of you who have grown up "churched" as I like to call it, have heard many times that "Jesus is the reason for the season". Not a year goes by that I don't see Nativity scenes scattered throughout the yards of Lubbock Texas. Several small ones are even scattered throughout my home. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard or read the Christmas story. It all becomes so familiar! JUST another nativity scene, JUST another Sunday sermon about the birth of Jesus, JUST another Christmas with our families, exchanging gifts. With all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, I tend to forget what I truly should be celebrating. This year has been no exception. I've been busy decorating, buying gifts, wrapping, and of course the never ending tasks of daily life. My hearts aches at how selfish my flesh can be. I want to make this season all about me. Making sure my house looks festive, making sure I get "My Christmas List" out to the proper people (I.E. My Mom and Mother in Law), making sure I completely spoil my kids with more gifts than they can imagine, and my selfish list goes on.

The Lord has been working on my heart this year. He has begun a work in me that I am not sure I can even explain right now. I read the Christmas story, and feel things that I have never felt before. I have always known the "The reason for the Season", but have never truly embraced the fact that Jesus, My Savior who was sent to earth to die for My sins, was born in a manger. I have heard it a million times, but never truly understood the impact of it all.

I will open gifts with my family this year, and I will probably gain a few pounds from all the treats I will have, but the one thing that I will do my best not to take for granted, is God's gift to me,....His Son.

Matthew 1:21 "She will bear a Son; and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins."


I pray that everyone has a blessed Christmas, and may you all remember, while you gather with family and friends, why you are celebrating in the first place.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

So Many Blessings!

We have had a lot going on the last few months. We moved into our new house. Mason started Soccer. We vacationed in Florida. The kids started school........ and the list goes on.

We have been very busy, as you can imagine, and I have had no time to update Our Blog, so I will do just that. FYI......There is going to be more pictures than words.....ENJOY!

The New Casa

Fall Decor on the front porch
Master Bedroom

Mason's Bed (the rest of t he room isn't finished, so this is all that you can see for now)
Reece's Room (again, not finished with the room yet, so just the bed)

Guest Bathroom

Our Sand Castle

Also, I wanted you to see these pictures of Cole. The first one is when he was only a few hours old, and the others are of him now. Can you believe how big he is? From 5lbs to 20lbs. Thank you Jesus for my Sweet, Healthy, Smiling Baby Boy!

Several Hours old

Mr. Chunkie

We, of course cannot wait for the upcoming Holiday's, and I'm sure that with as busy as we have been, I won't be able to post again until after they are over. Have a great rest of the year! We love you all.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I have been away from the Blog World for some time now, and I thought it was about time to get back on and post a few pictures. (since pictures are what everyone wants to see anyways) We have been very busy the last two months. Building a house, working part-time and running around with three kids has been VERY time consuming. The kids are great, work is not so much, and the house is complete! Crazy times.......

This is my new niece Kennedi and her huge cousin Cole
This is one of many pictures of Reece and Cole. She asks me to take a picture of her and Cole at least two times a day.

Cole loves the Bumbo

These are random pictures, but this is my Master bathroom tub.

Half bathroom


Living Room

Living Room again

Future Husband and Wife!!! Reece and Walker Neufeld. Just think of what their kids will look like.

This is one of the few pictures I have of Mason. He does not like to have his picture taken!!!!

Another Reece and Cole picture

And another!

And another!!!

Me and Kennedi

Look how huge Cole looks compared to Kennedi. And to think that Cole weighed a pound less than she did when he was born.
That is it for now. We have moved into our new house, and I have a few pictures of the decorated version, so I will post those soon.